July 31st, 2018 release

Mold EX-Press Ver. 3.8 Updater Release

An updater to update to Mold EX-Press ver 3.8 has been released.

*After updating, Mold EX-Press will no longer be supported on Windows 7 ServicePack0(SP0) environments.
Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 will be installed (automatic update).

  • Download the Press Die Ver. 3.8 Update here(487MB)
  • Download the Plastic Mold Ver. 3.8 Update here(594MB)

The following are the main features added in Version 3.8:

1. New Updater Tool

Includes a new multilingual supported user interface, and updated progress and history display.



2. Function Expansion

The gas spring stroke display function has been expanded, allowing for display of models in 3 different states.
(1. Stroke S, 2. Initial Deflection, 3. Work Deflection)



3. New Products Added

38 types of products have been added, including date marked pins, inserts for gas release, swivel eyebolts, and more.



4. Bug Fixes

Corrections on model dimensions and other fixes.
*Update procedures may differ depending upon your version of Mold EX-Press.


December 11th, 2017 release

Mold EX-Press Ver.3.7 Updater Release

An updater for updating to Mold EX-Press Version 3.7 has been released.

The update method varies in part depending on your Mold EX-Press version.

1) For Mold EX-Press V3.0 or later, click here
2) For versions prior to Mold EX-Press V3.0, click here
3) If you have not installed Mold EX-Press, click here
If you are not sure what version you have, check here.

The main functions added in Version 3.7 are as follows.

1. New products

2 mold version types for mold have been added


2. Linkable CAD software

CAD systems now include NX11, SolidWorks 2017 and CADmeister V12, which allow direct model editing
Click here for a list of linkable CAD

3. Bug fixes

Some bugs in model dimensions and the like have been fixed.

If “Update error!” is displayed and the update fails, refer here.


August 29th, 2017 release

New update released: Mold EX-Press Version 3.6 is now available

upgrade to Version 3.6 from the following links

Newly added features for Version 3.6 include:

1. Feature enhancements

1.1 Coil spring stroke and initial deflection simulation is now available for Mold EX-Press for Press Dies
1.2 Nitrogen Gas Springs are now available in Mold EX-Press for Press Dies
1.3 DXF format in AutoCAD2000 is now supported

2. CAD integration

2.1 String and Integer properties have been added to the ‘non-related’ tab of the NX custom property list
2.2 Correction of non-NX assembly listings on BOM
2.3 Addition of links with CATIA V5R22~R24

3. Bug fixes for dimensions & solids etc.



1.1 Coil spring stroke and initial deflection simulation have been added to Mold EX-Press for Press Dies

This allows (i) free length; (ii) stroke; and (iii) initial deflection to be displayed in the model

1.2 Nitrogen Gas Springs and related components are now available in Mold EX-Press for Press Dies


2.1 String and Integer properties have been added to the ‘non-related’ tab of the NX custom property list



April 28th, 2016 release

New Mold EX-Press Updates Will Make Your Design Amazing


Supported CAD software updates.
Windows8.1 are supported.
Part Number displayed on 3D Model.

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