【For Ver4】Mold EX-Press Ver.4.7.0 Updater Release

An updater to update to Mold EX-Press Ver.4.7.0 has been released.

! V4.7.0 is the updater only for V4 (Incompatible with V2,V3)
! Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 will be installed (automatic update).

  • Download Press Die V4.7.0 Update here (2.1GB)
  • Download Plastic Mold V4.7.0 Update here (2.45GB)

The following are the main features added in V4.7.0.

1. More CAD version is supported

CAD systems now include SolidWorks® 2023, NX® 2206-2212 which allow direct model editing.

Linkable CAD systems:

  • VISI® 2022.1~
  • NX® 1847-2212 (NX® 4~12)
  • SolidWorks® 2009~2023
  • AutoCAD® 2004~2022
  • CATIA® V5R19~27
  • CREO 1.0~8.0(only for Mold)
  • CADmeister® V12~13
  • ZW3D® CAD/CAM 2018~2022

2. New CAD model added *Only in Europe

Save your energy cost ! a total of 73 new product models such as Spring plungers are available.

3. Bug Fixes

Corrections on model dimensions and others have been fixed.

This updater is not compatible with V2 and V3.
Please request a V4 free installer, if you are currently using V2 or V3.
Click here for a V4 free installer.

May 23rd, 2023 release

Over 50,000 customers
are currently using
Mold EX-Press.


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